Coed Varsity Crew · Rowers medal at last regatta of the season

The Crew team wrapped up their season this past weekend with their final regatta at Eagle Creek Park. Listed below are the results of the team’s final event.

  • Mens Junior Novice Four, 3rd place: Leo Helman
  • Mens Junior 1st Varsity Four, 1st place: Alex Bowlby, Luke Elliott
  • Mens Junior 2nd Varsity Four, 1st place: Jasper MacLean
  • Mens Junior Novice Eight, 1st place: Matthew Heck
  • Womens Junior 1st Varsity Eight, 2nd place: Anabella Helman, Maya Mishra (cox)
  • Mens Junior 1st Varsity Eight, 2nd place: Alex Bowlby, Luke Elliott, Jasper MacLean
  • Mens Junior Quad, 3rd place: Leo Helman